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¡¡ It is much more convenient to come to Beijing for better diagnosis and treatment.¡£
¡¡Should this is not your case, alternate means are available. If you could provide us the copy of the materials of patient's resent symptom, laboratory test report, examine report and primary medical report (including patient¡¯s post address, telephone number, height and weight) through mail or fax, our experts board will find out the treatment solution and then provide it to you. Anytime your are in doubt during our treatment course, don't hesitate at asking the experts board. We are pleased to help you.

The Outpatient and Inpatient Address of the Hospital:

Jiaodaokou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital(Beijing Famous Doctors Clinical Research Base of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Has the outpatients of kidney, gout, osteoarthropathy, ankylosing spondytitis, Parkinson's disease, Meniere's disease, Behcet's disease, oral ulcer (oral aphthae,halitosis), Myasthenia Gravis, muscular atrophy, Muscular Dystrophy, Motor Neurone Disease£¬Flaccidity syndrome disease etc.

Expert Consulting Number £º
1. kidney disease/ Rheumatoid / cartilage diseases /gout / ankylosing spondytitis : 0086-010-81792459 69733109
2.Parkinson¡¯s disease /Meniere¡¯s disease / Behcet¡¯s disease / myasthenia / muscular atrophy£º0086-010-80725845
3:other disease : 0086-010- 81794813
Linkman: Li Yun

The foreign patients could consult experts by telephone or seek medical advice from 8:30 to 16:30 from Monday to Friday (Beijing time, with your translator) or by using the E-mail.

Mailing address£º

Beijing Jiaodaokou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
(Beijing Famous Doctors Clinical Research Base of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Room 6 Floor 1, No.133, Gulou East Street of Di Anmen, Dongcheng District,
Beijing, China

About the western union:
You could pay the cost ( medicine fee and mailing fee) by using the Western Union
To: Li Yun, Beijing, China
After sending it you had better send the followings to us by email:
1¡¢remitter name;
2¡¢your nation;
3¡¢amount of the remittance(US dollar only);
4¡¢the money transfer control numbers of the remittance.
Notice:Li (first name) Yun(last name)
The first name and the last name must to be right, otherwise we could not draw the money.

World time zone:£©£šEnglish£©£šEnglish£©

Riding Route:
Beijing railway station: Take No.2 subway to Dongzhimen, then change the No.107 electric bus, get off at Baochao hutong station, and walk 30 meters to east, will see the guide.

Take the No.5 bus at the Qianmen station, get off at gulou station, go 20 meters to the north, then turn right and walk 200 meters to the east, will see the guide.

Take the No.60, No.124 or No.635 bus, then get off at gulou station, at the north crossing of the South Luogu Lane(Nanluogu xiang, Eight-Legged Alley), then will see the guide.